Scarf Knots

How do you wear your scarf? The old fashioned, boring way? Most people do! But why not try something new today?
Tying your scarf in a new way can actually make you look (and feel) like a new person. Would you like to look more elegant? Maybe more formal? What about sexy? Choose your new scarf knot style from the instruction videos below (both women and men). Enjoy - and get inspired!
Scarf Knots, scarf tying, how to tie a scarf - women
Women`s How to Tie a Scarf. 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf...
Video by Wendy`s Lookbook. Great job, Wendy! Video includes: The Modern One Loop Scarf Knot, The Classic Drape Scarf Knot, The Bunny Ear Scarf Knot, The Double Rainbow Scarf Knot, The Turtleneck Scarf Knot, The Infinity Scarf Knot, The Toss Scarf Knot, The European "Mette-Marit" Loop, The Basic Loop, The Wrap, The Mira Scarf Knot, The Celebrity Scarf Knot, The Waterfall Scarf Knot, The Boa Scarf Knot, The Magic Trick, The Fake Scarf Knot, The X Scarf Knot, The Key Tie Scarf Knot, The Braid Scarf Knot, The Twist & Pull, The Hidden Scarf Knot, The Men`s Tie Scarf Knot, The DIY Infinity Scarf Knot, The Decoration Scarf Knot, The Shell Roll Scarf Knot.
Scarf Knots, scarf tying, how to tie a scarf - men
Men`s How to Tie a Scarf. Who Says Men Can`t Wear Their Scarfs in a Stylish Way?
Video by The Rules of Style. Well done! Video includes: Drape Scarf Knot, Throw Over Scarf Knot, Single Wrap Around Scarf Knot, Double Wrap Around Scarf Knot, Single Loop & Tie Scarf Knot, Tie Around Scarf Knot, Simple Scarf Knot, Slip Scarf Knot, False Scarf Knot  
Scarf Tips&Tricks
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Don`t get cold - wear wool! Woolen scarves will keep you warm during winter. What is so special about wool, is that it will insulate even if it gets wet. So in cold and changing weather conditions, wool is a winner!
Silk Scarf the 1960s way: Want the cool and trendy 1960s "Mad Men" look? Simply roll a silk scarf lengthwise and tie it tight (not too tight...) around your neck!
Scarves multipurpose: headband, bracelet, headscarf
Scarves Multipurpose. Scarves can be worn in other ways than around your neck!
Protect your hear! Scarves can be used for other purposes than wearing it around the neck. They can also be used to protect your hear from rough weather and pollution. Simply use it as a traditional head-scarf! Or even more trendy: drape a short, thin scarf around your ponytail and tie a knot underneath. Looks stylish as well as it will protect the hear in your ponytail from both rough weather and pollution.
Scarf as a Headband: Simply wear your scarf as a headband. Roll it lengthwise (or diagonal for some scarves) and simply tie it around your head. Thin scarves are best for this purpose. A silk scarf is perfect!
Scarf as a Bracelet: A thin, short scarf (silk scarf is perfect) can be worn as a bracelet. Simply roll the scarf and tie it around your wrist (or why not your ankle).
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